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Answers On’s 10 best articles of 2017

Ryan Sheppard  Editor-in-Chief, Thomson Reuters

Ryan Sheppard  Editor-in-Chief, Thomson Reuters

Across the world, Thomson Reuters provides information, strategy and answers to professionals in a wealth of industries. Here are the 10 best examples of how we captured that story in 2017.

Life is multi-faceted. We want Answers On to be, too.

Our aim with this site is to use the best Thomson Reuters tools, resources and human experts to create and deliver stories that matter to you, our customer. If we’re doing well, you’ll see insightful, unique coverage across a vibrant range of topics.

Looking back over the articles we published in 2017, I think it’s been a good year; I hope the 10 stories we present here lead to you to agree.

Putting the art in artificial intelligence:” Readers welcomed this article about Research Scientist Charese Smiley, Senior Software Engineer Hiroko Bretz and the algorithm they created that can write poetry. It was one of our best-read stories for the year.

Neymar breaking records in sports and business:” I really enjoyed how this post presented information in a new and unexpected way.

London will not only survive, but thrive, after Brexit (or will it?):” I’m quite proud of the substantive, thoughtful coverage we have been able to produce on Brexit. This piece encapsulates our approach quite nicely.

Who are you? Defining digital identity and authentication technologies:” This article was one of our deeper and more contemplative pieces. For me, it took an issue I think about infrequently – identity – and raised many complex, modern questions.

The future for coal in Europe is dark, and carbon prices take the cue:” Haege Fjellheim, associate director at Thomson Reuters Point Carbon, used data, regulatory information and her own analysis to come to a conclusion about what’s happening to coal in Europe.

Reuters Photojournalism: New ways of seeing the world:” In addition to surfacing the importance of having diversity among a culture’s storytellers, this article about Reuters photojournalism grants was a big hit for us this summer. Yannis Behrakis’ compelling eye for visual drama, as evidenced by the photos of his we included in the post, undoubtedly helped.

Where is Big Data on the Hype Cycle?”  Given how casually the term “Big Data” gets thrown around, you could be forgiven for wondering if it’s the subject of endless chatter and nothing more. What I liked about this post is how Dan Bennett, vice president of enterprise data services, put Big Data in the context of what usually happens with enthusiasm around new forms of technology.

Cryptocurrencies by country:” This piece took a worldwide view of cryptocurrencies, then tracked down how they’re regulated – if at all – in each country.

Electric cars and their demand shift in lithium, cobalt and copper:” For this piece , Lead Metals Analyst Johann Wiebe  looked at the surging popularity of electric vehicles, and then looked behind it and discussed what the increased demand for electric-car batteries is having on three metals – and the ethically questionable ways in which they’re mined. This is the kind of expansive thinking and comprehensive insight I’m proud to see on Answers On.

Multimedia’s open frontiers: 21st century reporting and storytelling:” News is a tumultuous industry these days, so it’s good to see things as Jane Barrett, Global Head of Multimedia, does.

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