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Answers On’s top 10 stories of 2018

As we reflect on the past year, what are the business and technology stories that resonated most? These are the some of the most-read articles Answers On published in 2018.

As a business publication sitting at the intersection of regulation and commerce, we cover a range of topics on Answers On. From artificial intelligence to blockchain, regulation to global trade, electric vehicles to data privacy, there are very few issues on the minds of businesses big and small that don’t make up our coverage.

Now an annual tradition, here we take a look back at which stories were read most by our readers around the globe.

1. Smart Valor: Creating new markets for tokenized investments

Smart Valor founder Olga Feldmeier shares how she started the “Amazon for financial products,” her passion for technology changing society for the better, and why she joined the Thomson Reuters Incubator program.

Published March 1st, 2018

2. Tax day of reckoning comes for e-commerce companies

Why did stock prices for virtually every major e-commerce company take a nosedive on June 21st? One landmark Supreme Court case that will change internet sales taxes dramatically: South Dakota v. Wayfair.

Published August 15, 2018

Traders wait for the Wayfair IPO on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange

3. U.S. firms are unprepared for GDPR

2018 was a watershed year for the international conversation on privacy and transparency, thanks to the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation. Here, Thomson Reuters Regulatory Intelligence‘s Todd Ehret explains just how unprepared firms were feeling in late Q1 of this year. (Explore our full series on data privacy and GDPR here).

Published March 12, 2018

4. Can machine learning unlearn cognitive bias in finance? 

The human mind makes mistakes when it comes to finance, but machine learning does, too. What obstacles must both overcome? Nayeem Syed, Assistant General Counsel, explores.

Published March 6th, 2018

5. In finance, WealthArc finds “no option but to innovate”

Just because technology is available doesn’t mean a given industry is making good use of it. The Swiss startup WealthArc (one of the founding members of the Thomson Reuters Incubator) wants to capitalize on new forms of technology and reinvent its market.

Published April 27, 2018

6. “Shock Tactics”: Behind conventional wisdom, Reuters find danger lurks

Tasers were marketed as “non-lethal,” but a Reuters investigative team spent 18 months learning how and why there should be concern about them. The resulting five-part series won a significant journalism award. We dive into the story behind the story.

Published April 11th, 2018

Picture illustration of hands silhouetted against a backdrop projected with the picture of various currencies of money

7. What is blockchain? Some simple and not-so-simple answers

Before blockchain’s impact on the working world can be grasped, the technology itself must be understood. Here, three Thomson Reuters experts provide an easy-to-understand guide. (Once you’re done with this, go back and explore our in-depth feature report: Are you ready for blockchain?).

Published April 2nd, 2018

8. Lessons learned after ‘Paradise’: Is the global tax conversation changing? 

The Panama Papers and Paradise Papers may have ushered in a significant shift. Is tax avoidance now seen as irresponsible and shameful – and if it is, does that even matter?

Published January 25th, 2018

Netflix Dirty Money with Brett Wolf

9. Who are the most influential people in your company?

Most companies organize and communicate from the top down. This approach assumes senior leaders hold the most influential roles. But, what if we shift traditional thought and view our companies as networks as opposed to organizations? Time to change the way you look at your structure.

Published September 4th, 2018

10. Dirty Money: Behind the scenes of Netflix’s “Cartel Bank”

Thomson Reuters Regulatory Intelligence Senior Anti-Money Laundering Correspondent Brett Wolf shares how his investigative reporting on money laundering, Mexican drug cartels and a leading global bank led to working on an acclaimed Netflix documentary.

Published August 22nd, 2018

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