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Could Canada hold the answer to economic growth?

Speaking at a Reuters Newsmaker at the Canadian High Commission in London (April 1), Canada’s Finance Minister Bill Morneau discussed the country’s new fiscal policy which entails borrowing three times as much as promised before the election.

Reuters reported that Morneau’s plans, which involve major infrastructure investment, had received a positive reaction from G7 finance ministers. He hoped it would serve as an example for other countries facing sluggish growth.

Canada’s approach centers on boosting investment in transport and innovation. No stranger to innovation, we have Thomson Reuters Labs™ in Canada and the U.S., with other innovation hubs opening in Europe.

Refusing to be drawn into the debate on whether Britain should leave the European Union, known as “Brexit”, the minister said that he was sure the British people would take the importance of the Canadian/European Free Trade Agreement into consideration during the June 23 referendum. “That’s their decision to make.”

Video highlights

Canada aims to be ‘global innovation centre’

Morneau breaks down Canada’s budget plan over the next decade, focusing on significant allocations for innovation networks and infrastructure, all in towards the goal of providing more opportunity for Canadians and connecting Canada’s innovation hubs to those around the world.

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Canada to keep on with growth policies

GDP numbers indicate that the Canadian economy is doing very well. Morneau stands by initiatives in progress as a way to build long-term assets and growth.

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Growing oil prices good for global economy

Rebounding oil prices won’t have a significant impact on Canada’s budget plans, but they will certainly help – in the same ways that the global economy will benefit.

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Canada to take in more Syrian refugees

Morneau addresses Canada’s commitment to take in more Syrian refugees and the engagement from the private sector.

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Not only does Canada aim to be a center of innovation, the nation is hoping to be an example for other G7 countries.

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