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Capturing Donald Trump: Reuters “The Trump Effect” chronicles effects of dramatic presidency

Telling the unusual story of Donald Trump's presidency requires a comprehensive view, sophisticated digital tools and a deep well of journalistic acumen. Here's how Reuters is taking on this task.

In January 2017, Reuters President and Editor-in-Chief Stephen Adler sent a memo to Reuters staff, encouraging the continued application of unbiased and undaunted reporting in light of new hostility from the White House. The administration of President Donald Trump, he acknowledged, was going to be different, but covering it shouldn’t be.

While the principles Reuters journalists must apply to their coverage of Trump and his administration have not changed, the best way to tell the story of how Trump is reshaping the United States has.

That’s why Reuters created The Trump Effect, a dedicated website with stories, multimedia features and interactive explanatory graphics so Reuters can, in Adler’s words, “target areas where the Trump administration promised to change or reverse policy, so that we can cover what the administration does – not only what it says or what is being said about it.”

The Trump Effect aims to capture the entirety of the impact Trump’s turbulent style of governing has on the U.S. – and, by extension, the rest of the world.

Immigration and border security

Trump made securing the U.S. border with Mexico a campaign priority and appealed to voters’ nationalism with promises to reform the country’s immigration policies. While he’s had difficulty implementing his most dramatic proposals, there’s no doubt that under his watch, immigration and border security have become two of the most contentious issues in contemporary U.S. politics.

Explore the full interactive feature here.


From declaring the U.S. opioid epidemic a public health emergency to pledging to end “Obamacare,” Trump has waded into the country’s long-simmering healthcare issues.

Trump tracker healthcare facts

Explore the full interactive feature here.

Energy and environment

In the early days of his administration, Trump stated his intent to “revisit” the declaration of sites in the western U.S. as monuments, raising the possibility their protection could be revoked. On the energy front, he’s vowed to revitalize the moribund U.S. coal industry and removed the U.S from the Paris Climate Accord, all in all shaking up the energy and environmental fronts in ways the country hasn’t seen in several administrations.

Explore the full interactive feature here.

What’s to come in the Trump Administration

Reuters will unveil the fourth element of The Trump Effect, “Business & the Economy” this winter. Trump isn’t done, either. Between reordering the ranks of U.S. diplomats abroad to advocating for the most substantial tax system overhaul in years, he’s busy making his indelible mark on the American way of life – a mark that responsibility and good civil order dictate must be carefully observed and chronicled.

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