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Celebrating the whole self: The Latino Employee Network

Cultural and professional growth thrive when employees are recognized for all they are.

Organizations do better when employees feel the whole of themselves are seen and supported. Building formal support networks is a strong and effective way of ensuring every member of a community has a chance to contribute most fully.

To that end, the Latino Employee Network was created to foster cultural as well as professional growth within Thomson Reuters, in both the Latino and general communities. We are dedicated to increasing representation of Latinos within Thomson Reuters, raising an understanding of our diverse cultures and eliminating stereotypes through education.

Identity, growth and representation

The Latino Employee Network has three primary goals:

  • To educate a broad spectrum of audiences about the unique identity and cultural differences.
  • To work with other organizations on charitable community functions which provide additional positive representation of the estimated 55 million Hispanics who live in the United States.
  • To provide Hispanic Thomson Reuters employees with an expanding network of contacts, resources and support for professional growth.

Hispanic Heritage Month

Every year, from Sept. 15 to Oct. 15, we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month. We sponsor events across Thomson Reuters locations to raise awareness and share our culture. This past year, at our office in Eagan, Minn., employees could sample tres leches cake, a traditional Central American dessert made using three kinds of milk, and were provided the recipe to learn how to make it at home.

Other events we sponsored this year include panel discussions about building your career, networking events, and a table-talk series where members of the Latino Employees Network were encouraged to share stories about their heritage while speaking Spanish.

Reaching outside the organization

Our philanthropic efforts are aimed at encouraging and enabling Latino students, increasing the number of Latino business leaders, shaping public policy that impacts women in business, funding disaster relief in Latin American countries, and more. We’ve recently launched a pilot partnership with the Hispanic Alliance of Career Enhancement (HACE). Our campus in Eagan will be hosting the second cohort in the Minneapolis area offering a 14-week, interactive development program designed to empower high-potential Latinas to succeed professionally and thrive personally. Two of our Thomson Reuters Eagan members will be participating in the program beginning September 20th, which happens to be the first week of Hispanic Heritage Month.

We’re proud to have been honored by Latino Magazine as one of the 100 companies providing the most opportunities for Latinos in 2016. Last year, we were also named the Selective Corporate Internship Program’s (SCIP) Corporation of the Year for our partnership, through which we hosted and sponsored a number of Hispanic heritage business events and professional development programs for disadvantaged high school and college-aged students. You also might have seen our ads for SCIP streaming on our building in Times Square in New York City.

Learn more

As an organization that values diversity, Thomson Reuters has established a formal process for employees to develop Business Resource Groups (BRGs). BRGs are voluntary, employee-driven associations that benefit both our employees and the company’s business goals. Today, we have eight BRGs with over 90 chapters globally.

Interested in working at Thomson Reuters? We encourage you to bring your individual expertise, perspectives, passions and find your opportunity—and your impact.

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