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How can companies master digital transformation?

Kathleen Held  Sr. Project Manager and Producer, Thomson Reuters Labs

Kathleen Held  Sr. Project Manager and Producer, Thomson Reuters Labs

Executive leadership first, technology capabilities second

Companies in all industries – from copper mining to pharmaceuticals to financial services –are doing fascinating things with new digital technologies. Social media, mobile and analytics intelligence are the new norm. But some companies – the approximately 25% we call “Digital Masters” – get more value from their digital activities.

Digital masters have both digital capability and leadership capability.

Digital Masters manage their initiatives differently. They outperform their peer companies, averaging significantly higher revenue per employee and profit margins across industries. As knowledge workers, digital transformation impacts how we work and what we deliver every day. Although industries are moving at different speeds, the world is changing. Digital cannot be ignored.

How to build a digital strategy

In this second installment of the Thomson Reuters Knowledge Worker Innovation Series, Mona Vernon, Senior Director of Emerging Technology at Thomson Reuters and George Westerman of MIT Sloan’s Center for Digital Business (CDB) discuss digital mastery across a range of industries and technologies.

Watch the full talk (21:53)

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About the series

Inspired by a neighborhood of innovators and entrepreneurs, the Knowledge Worker Innovation Series consists of events that bring in thought leaders from industry and academia to discuss, dissect and explore technology topics and trends.

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