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Corporate responsibility and inclusion

The Disability Employee Network: Providing space to learn and grow

The Disability Employee Network works to change the ways both big and small that those with disabilities are prevented from bringing their whole selves to work.

The Disability Employee Network (DEN) is dedicated to the inclusion and equality of Thomson Reuters employees with disabilities. Partnering with Human Resources, the aim of this group is to promote the recruitment and retention of employees with disabilities.

The DEN’s goals are as follows:

  • For employees with a disability or long-term health issue to have the time, space and support to explore their needs and experiences.
  • To promote the social model of disability within Thomson Reuters, which states that systemic barriers, negative attitudes and exclusion by society (purposely or inadvertently) are the ultimate factors defining who is disabled and who is not in a particular society.
  • To communicate the views and opinions of disabled staff to relevant internal stakeholders.
  • To identify opportunities to monitor, inform and develop Thomson Reuters approach to disability.
  • To act as a reference group to provide input into policies and procedures as appropriate.

The DEN strives to make our recruiting operations more inclusive. One program that was recently lead by the Disability Employee Network was the Change100 program in the UK. This program helped us discover talent for our graduate programs as well as full-time positions.

Beyond recruiting and retaining employees with disabilities, the DEN promotes inclusivity by educating all Thomson Reuters employees. The DEN is an active repository for an array of support resources,\from blogs written by employees to announcements about DEN-hosted events and much more. The DEN teaches employees about managing stress, being thoughtful about language, and about specific disabilities and how they impact those with whom they work every day. In our latest mental health awareness video, current employees describe the disabilities that they live with and speak about how they impact their daily lives. The aim is to encourage everyone working at Thomson Reuters to feel comfortable bringing their whole selves to work.

As the Answer Company™, we know that diversity and inclusion is a priority to many people looking for employment. That is why we created our Diversity & Inclusion Index, which lists the top 100 companies who are dedicated to diversity & inclusion.

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