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Legal executive briefing 2020: The world viewed

As the world continues to battle the COVID-19 pandemic, Reuters and the Thomson Reuters Institute offer a twist on the panel discussions with Reuters journalists that are often the highlight of each of the major legal executive briefings held for leaders of the world’s largest law firms.

Despite the ongoing pandemic which makes large get-togethers impossible now, we still can provide these insightful discussions remotely with Reuters journalists on the front lines of our COVID-19 coverage.

In our 2020 Legal Executive Briefing: The World Viewed series of videos, Axel Threlfall, Reuters Editor at Large, talks with six senior correspondents for Reuters, stationed around the world and covering such critical beats as health & science, the global economy, the White House, China, and the pandemic’s impact on international relations and collaboration.

“For obvious reasons, we cannot meet in person, but I am delighted to offer you the next best thing,” Threlfall says, adding that the videos feature “brief conversations with some of our most experienced journalists.”

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world viewed

Included in the video interviews are:

  • Jeff Mason, White House correspondent
  • Tony Munroe, bureau chief for Greater China
  • Kate Kelland, health correspondent
  • Mike Dolan, Editor at Large for financial markets
  • Luke Baker, international affairs
  • Mary Milliken, foreign policy

You can also view some of the latest images from Reuters photographers from around the world and then hear Reuters senior correspondents tell Threlfall how each is covering this unique and critical story and what their sources are telling them about the uncharted road ahead.

“We hope you find these conversations both insightful and useful,” Threlfall says.

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