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Digital News Report predicts ad-apocalypse in online advertising

Digital News Project 2016 report cover“With over half of all advertising spend going online this year in many countries (including the UK), there will be intense focus on where that money is going and how effectively it is being spent,” says Digital Media Consultant and Research Associate at the Reuters Institute Nic Newman, author of the Institute’s Journalism, Media and Technology Predictions, 2016 report.

Newman’s report is the first of eight that will be released in 2016 as part of the Digital News Project, an effort by a team of researchers, sponsors and collaborators to explore digital developments across multiple countries and identify and measure industry challenges and opportunities.

According to Newman, marketers and publishers will be trying to take advantage of advances in audience targeting and big data capabilities, while agencies and brands will look to increase the quality and creativity of their messaging.

Source: Adobe/Page Fair Ad Blocking Report 2015
Source: Adobe/Page Fair Ad Blocking Report 2015

“But consumers are in a boisterous and resistant mood,” Newman says. “They are increasingly sensitive about their privacy and are primed with powerful ad blockers like AdBlock Plus and bug tracking tools like Ghostery.”

As a result of these dynamics, Newman expects:

  • Ad-blocking to move to mobile platforms in 2016.
  • Ad-blocking wars as publishers look to encourage readers to turn them off.
  • New moves for legal protection for publishers.
  • Facebook, Google and Apple to remain largely immune.
  • More advertising in videos where it’s harder to block.
  • Higher quality advertising in an attempt to win audiences.

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