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International business management

The single most important business decision for the C-Suite

Ryan Sheppard  Editor-in-Chief, Thomson Reuters

Ryan Sheppard  Editor-in-Chief, Thomson Reuters

One C-level executive recently told us, deciding when, where, and how to expand globally “may be the single most important business decision of my career.” 

The rebalancing of global markets brings new possibilities, new ways of finding customers, and new sources of growth. At the same time, risks and complexities increase exponentially when you enter new markets and unfamiliar terrain.

Access to the right information at the right time is critical to capitalize on the opportunities and minimize the risks.

Thomson Reuters has launched an in-depth resource that brings together research, C-suite survey results, subject-matter experts, specialized solutions, and the perspective of outside professionals to help companies not just survive, but thrive in the new global reality…

Seize the day

“You wouldn’t sit idly by while your competitors snatched your customers, cornered the market on innovation, or pilfered your talent. Yet, that’s exactly what you’re doing if you’re not building a global business for tomorrow.” – Brian Peccarelli, President, Tax & Accounting, Thomson Reuters

With 70 percent of the global GDP growth predicted to come from emerging markets in 2025 and around 3.2 billion people accessing internet devices in 2015, global audiences are becoming much more accessible.

How do you identify where the right opportunities are for your business?

We investigate a few of the geographies ripe with opportunity. The high-potential markets of ChinaIndia, and Africa. But they’re only part of the story.

Mature markets have regained their luster – by 2025 many businesses expect the UK or the U.S. to be their most important trading partner. Finally, there are exciting new hotbeds of innovation with rocketing market potential.

How can you navigate global risk and complexity?

The answer requires a comprehensive strategy that anticipates and manages risk at every point in your operations, everywhere you do business – even as the rules of the game constantly change. All while staying nimble and profitable.

Organizations lose $200 billion every year for not effectively managing their supply chain.
Organizations lose $200 billion every year for not effectively managing their supply chain.

We look at the escalating risk from third parties  and the need to monitor every supplier, distributor, and partner. We consider ways to mitigate the risks of supply disruptions,  price volatility, and currency fluctuations. We identify powerful and integrated tax technology solutions  vital to handling tax requirements across multiple jurisdictions.

How can you optimize your operations?

Operational efficiency is vital when trying to stay ahead of the competition.

We investigate how companies can gain visibility across the entire global trade management  process and how to track and stay compliant with more than 19,000 global tax jurisdictions.

Companies with inefficient supply chains are 66% less profitable than competitors with efficient supply chains
Companies with inefficient supply chains are 66% less profitable than competitors with efficient supply chains

We consider when it makes sense to outsource legal operations  and how marketing optimization can help build your global presence.

Thrive globally

The reasons to go global sometimes seem obvious, but deciding how and when to capitalize on the opportunities presented involves more complex analysis and depends on being able to find the trusted answers needed to move forward.

The latest in-depth resource from Thomson Reuters equips globalizing corporations with the platforms, cross-industry insight, and expert partnership to identify the right opportunities, consider them from every angle, and execute with confidence.

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