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Thomson Reuters Labs™

Startups: Cuddle up to an elephant

Brian Zubert  Director, Thomson Reuters Labs, Waterloo Region

Brian Zubert  Director, Thomson Reuters Labs, Waterloo Region

For a startup, targeting the right customer has often been compared to hunting rabbits, deer, or elephants. Rabbits are abundant, but small and require a lot of work to capture. Elephants are massive, but your company could die trying to land one. Deer are the nice mid-size player, with the right balance of challenge and reward.

At Thomson Reuters Labs™, we’re on a mission to work with startups, making the elephant a lot more approachable. I always tell startups:

Don’t think about how to make Thomson Reuters your customer… think bigger: How do you make Thomson Reuters customers your customer?

As a business partner, we have the opportunity to approach would-be daunting customers together, de-risking the engagement for all parties and finding that win-win-win scenario: good for the startup, good for Thomson Reuters, good for our mutual customer. To see an example, look no further than the engagement we had with Toronto-based startup, ThinkData Works.

The time is now to engage with us!

On May 11th, our senior technology leaders will be descending upon Waterloo and they want to know all about you. Get your application in by May 2nd – I’m looking forward to hosting you in Waterloo.

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