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Matt Khoury  Senior Manager, Strategic Product Management, Thomson Reuters

Matt Khoury  Senior Manager, Strategic Product Management, Thomson Reuters

Apps draw all sorts of emotions from us and we almost always remember the ones that make us smile. We have an emotional tie to the apps we frequent because they help to shape our perception of reality. They help us reminisce. They connect us to the real-world, in real-time.

Think about the apps you frequent most. What do they do?

My favorite app isn’t a business app, shocker. It’s a simple app that reminds me of the past by showing photos taken on this day, each of the past years. I start my day with it because it makes me happy. Apps also keep us connected like never before. We witness breaking news via any number of alerts, without delay. We communicate instantly with friends and family – anywhere, at any time – all with that amazing super-computer in our pocket. The opportunity to create experiences through the apps, solving problems and drawing positive reactions is one reason why I love my job.

We were thrilled when Pride in London asked Thomson Reuters to build an app for their annual event.

One of the products that I manage just happens to be an event app, Thomson Reuters Convene. It’s enhanced the Out & Equal Workplace Summit and SustainableBrands conferences in the U.S. and numerous Thomson Reuters events around the world.

An event app is an event staple – you’ve got to have one – but not just for the sake of having one. It’s got to be useful and delightful! A good app brings everyone and everything together. It helps organizers deliver content and agendas and more, and it helps participants navigate an event packed full of activities. A great app helps attendees plan their journey by organizing a massive amount of information into something that makes discovering content easier.

The Thomson Reuters Convene app connects communities
Thomson Reuters Convene provides an easy-to-use mobile app for conferences, seminars and other events.

An event app connects people to the event and to others in a new, yet familiar, way. Participants can opt to receive real-time announcements from organizers. This is a critical communication channel used to inform everyone of important news and keep them connected. For instance, let’s say that you’re on your way to a concert in Hyde Park but that entrance was just closed. With our app, organizers would inform you in real-time along with alternate entry-points to make your journey as easy as possible. As a participant, you want the right information right now and right when it’s announced. Using a good event app is about never wondering ‘what’s going on right now’ or ‘where should I be now’. With an app like ours, you’re always connected.

Be in-the-know for Pride in London

This year’s Pride in London app provides quick access to all the festivities, concerts, and much more throughout the days leading up the Parade. This includes maps to help you navigate from event to event, the tools to plug into Pride on social media, and staying up-to-date with the latest notifications from the Pride team. It has everything you need to plan your journey.

The Pride Festival showcases some of the most inspiring talents in London and celebrates diversity in the LGBT+ community. It includes theatre, dance, talks and conferences, LGBT+ tours, art and much more. The Festival runs from 10 – 26 June. The main event, the Pride in London Parade, occurs on June 25 where 750,000 people from around the world gather to march through the city streets celebrating equality for all walks of life.

Thomson Reuters believes deeply in building a global workplace where everyone, regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation, can be themselves. And as a demonstration of our belief, that is why we built the official app for Pride in London.

Give it a try! It’s a user-friendly app which helps everyone, anywhere navigate this year’s celebration of London’s vibrant LGBT+ community. Plan your Pride in London experience now.

P.S. We love feedback so feel free to email me at

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