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Thompson & Knight fires employee over coronavirus-related social media rant

Caroline Spiezio  

Caroline Spiezio  

(Reuters) - Thompson & Knight has fired a Dallas-based employee who said in a Facebook post that he would show his shooting range results instead of his coronavirus test results to the security guard of any store requiring him to wear a mask because of the pandemic.

The Texas law firm called the post from its now-former administrative employee Kevin Bain “a complete violation” of its values and said that this “type of post is not and never will be tolerated” by the firm, in a Facebook post of its own on Friday afternoon. It said it had learned of Bain’s post that day and that it had fired him and “notified the proper authorities about the post as a precaution.”
Bain could not immediately be reached for comment on Monday.
Thompson & Knight declined a request for further comment on Monday. The firm has more than 300 attorneys and nine offices, according to its website.
Screenshots of Bain’s Facebook post spread on social media last week, and members of the Dallas and legal communities pushed on the law firm to take action in posts on social media.
Bain’s post said that any business that asked him to put on a mask would lose his business, specifically naming a local Whole Foods, and that if a security guard asked to see his coronavirus test results he would instead “show him my Glock 21 shooting range results.”
”Pricey ammo, but worth it in this situation. They have reached the limit. I have more power than they do ….. they just don’t know it yet,” Bain’s post said.
Amid the pandemic, many stores have asked customers to wear a mask while inside in an effort to slow the spread of the coronavirus. Most states have at some point since mid-March ordered residents to stay at home and non-essential businesses to shutter, leading to protests in some cities. Texas this month began easing social distancing restrictions and reopening its economy.

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