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3 great Eikon App Studio picks for February

Paul Artiuch

14 Feb 2017

Visitors to the National Gallery of Art pass between the East and West Buildings via Multiverse, the largest and most complex light sculpture created by American artist Leo Villareal, in Washington, D.C. July 10, 2012. The work features approximately 41,000 computer-programmed LED nodes.
Photographer: Kevin Lamarque

Thomson Reuters allows customers and financial data/technology vendors to create an integrated, end-to-end solution via App Studio in Eikon. They can embed their applications, including content and work flows.

We have selected 3 apps, out of the dozens on the platform, to demonstrate the breadth of added functionality available to Eikon users: Echo, Wall Street Horizon Corporate Events and OTAS Core Summary.

Learn more about the Eikon App Studio

1. Echo: Analyze Social Data Streams

Developed and supported by Infinigon Group Inc, ECHO converts social data streams into actionable news and early, pre-mainstream media information and trends, on over twelve thousand North American public companies.

  • Early, pre-mainstream media, actionable news
  • Trending List of stocks in social
  • Volume of real-time social conversation on companies, superimposed over real-time market data
  • Actual tweets behind the conversation displayed on clicking individual volume bars

Watch video: Thomson Reuters Eikon App Studio: Analyze Social Data Streams with ECHO App

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Find out more about the Echo app and get a free trial today

2. Wall Street Horizon Corporate Events: Stay Ahead of Events

Developed and supported by Wall Street Horizon, WSH Corporate Events combines the most accurate and comprehensive forward-looking and historical datasets into a customizable online application.

  • Avoid being surprised by a sudden event-triggered swing in a stock’s price with timely updates
  • Save time by finding and updating important and hard-to-find corporate event information
  • Avoid the expense of poorly timed investment and trading decisions

Watch video: Thomson Reuters Eikon App Studio: Stay Ahead of Events with WSH Corporate Events App

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Find out more about the WSH Corporate Events app and get a free trial today

3. OTAS Core Summary: Spot Opportunities and Risks in Equities

Developed and supported by OTAS Technologies, OTAS Core Summary provides equity market analytics to Portfolio Managers and Traders so they have the power to see relevant signals and risk forecasts for every important market instrument.

  • A Decision Support Platform that alerts portfolio managers and traders to hidden risks and opportunities concealed in market data.
  • New idea generation looking at divergence between asset classes.
  • Risk filter & timing insight before executing new trades.

Watch video: Thomson Reuters Eikon App Studio: Spot Opportunities and Risks in Equities with OTAS Core Summary App

Find out more about the OTAS Core Summary app and get a free trial today

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