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How our APIs can transform your wealth platform

Sarlota Hohwald

03 Apr 2017

Thomson Reuters APIs
Photographer: Mario Anzuoni

Wealth managers know that having leading financial market data, news and analytics will help their clients make better decisions. How are Thomson Reuters APIs addressing this need?

With the wealth management industry constantly looking for ways to enhance and refine the user experience for clients, APIs with a range of market data and information have the power to transform your digital platform.

Learn more about Knowledge Direct API Integration

Thomson Reuters Knowledge Direct is our flagship redistribution API service. It includes an innovative ‘Try-It-Out’ feature so developers and business users get a hands-on experience before they purchase.

Thomson ReutersKnowledge Direct API

Here, we answer some of the key questions about the API developer portal, in particular how it addresses specific business needs and provides all the data needed to power your enterprise.

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What is Thomson Reuters Knowledge Direct?

Simply put, it offers access to Thomson Reuters hosted content and capabilities.

The portal provides data through a powerful and uniform suite of APIs, enabling advisors and customers to make better financial decisions with access to market moving and insightful news, company information and financial markets.

It does this by integrating into advisor solutions, customer-facing investment portals and online trading platforms, as well as many others.

Thomson Reuters Knowledge Direct API

Learn more about Knowledge Direct API Integration

What are the key benefits?

It is a one-stop shop.

As a self-service portal, it enables users to delve into Thomson Reuters rich and diverse content, explore our capabilities and access their own accounts.

The API also benefits developers by helping them understand how to build queries and understand responses before coding their applications.

Furthermore, the Try-It-Out feature is an innovative benefit for all potential subscribers as it enables them to fully understand all features and experience the portal first hand before committing to purchase.

Thomson Reuters Knowledge Direct API examples

Learn more about Knowledge Direct API Integration

Who is the portal aimed at?

Knowledge Direct aims to solve the many challenges faced by developers, fintechs, heads of digital, business leads, market data managers, and many others at the forefront of refining the digital experience for the end-client.

What will business users be able to do?

The support portal allows business users to explore our content catalog and access an overview of the numerous content sets we offer. There is also the option to download factsheets and segmentation/coverage details.

Users can then ‘deep dive’ into each of the content sets and capability services to find pre-canned examples of web service requests demonstrating how a query is entered into the API.

They can see the response to each query in real time, in a graphical interface.

Subscribers can also review their organization’s accounts and details about the products and exchanges for which their IDs are entitled, and download branding guidelines for the content display.

Thomson Reuters Knowledge Direct API

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What specific challenges do our APIs solve?

Our APIs provide global, real-time exchange and OTC data as well as market leading news, company fundamentals, consensus estimate reports, corporate calendars and Lipper indices.

For developers, our powerful investment tools and capabilities provide a range of innovative options to display data in dynamic and intuitive ways.

Moreover, our robust infrastructure provides a stable environment and our APIs support easy integration into web applications using standard programming interfaces, with JSON as a data interchange format in addition to SOAP/XML.

Try out the Knowledge Direct API

Find out more about Thomson Reuters Digital Solutions

What will developers be able to do?

In addition to the above, developers have access that can allow them to exploit the entire capability of an operation. The user can:

  • Compose and inspect requests and responses in JSON and SOAP XML
  • Upload their own queries into the builder to see the response from the API before they implement their code
  • Download multiple different types of sample code for various development technologies, including Perl, Ruby and Websphere.

Fintechs and developers searching for instant, no-fuss access to the API before committing to purchase have the option to use our Try-It-Out feature, a free 30-day trial with 250 API requests.

Thomson Reuters Knowledge Direct API

What developments are on the horizon?

Thomson Reuters will continue refining this single interface into our many TR content sets and capabilities. We will be onboarding more content and capabilities, supported by video tutorials.

Learn more about Knowledge Direct API Integration

The tool is currently integrated into our developer portal, but access will soon be elevated to the Try-It-Out feature.

Knowledge Direct API Banner

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