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Eikon App Studio: 3 Highlights for October

Paul Artiuch

09 Oct 2017

An Israeli man kite surfs in the Mediterranean sea in the southern city of Ashkelon. Photography: Amir Cohen
An Israeli man kite surfs in the Mediterranean sea in the southern city of Ashkelon. Photography: Amir Cohen

Eikon App Studio offers access to apps built by the very best in financial technology, plus the chance for customers and financial data/tech vendors to create their own solutions within Eikon.

Our open platform approach means that we combine Eikon’s existing strengths with innovative solutions from leading third-party app developers.

This results in Eikon users being offered more choice of tools and capabilities to meet their business needs.

Find out how Thomson Reuters Eikon provides easy access to trusted news, data, and analytics

Watch video —Thomson Reuters Eikon App Studio

This month, we have selected three exciting apps, out of dozens on the platform, to demonstrate the breadth of this added choice and functionality.

They are Newsful, TAB Dashboards, and Volmaster FX.

Learn more about Eikon App Studio

  1. Newsful: harness the power of news

Watch video — Thomson Reuters Eikon App Studio – Harness the Power of News with Newsful App

Developed and supported by Sigma News Ventures, the Newsful app reads the news for you, so you can instantly see what’s driving share price changes and make better decisions.

  • Its powerful Natural Language Processing methodology classifies news stories against prices for over 3,000 U.S. stocks.
  • It supplies historical and intra-day data on offer.
  • It provides charts that are easy to read and drill down on.
  • It offers proven predictive analytics.

Find out more about the Newsful app and get a free trial today

  1. TAB Dashboards: gain insights from thousands of crowdfunding & P2P platforms

Developed and supported by TAB U.K., the TAB Dashboards app interprets billions of data points from thousands of crowdfunding and P2P platforms globally every day.

TAB Dashboard
TAB Dashboard

This enables users to identify new opportunities and make better decisions in this disruptive asset class.

You can use the app to:

  • Discover new market signals derived from new data.
  • Discover capital raising and investment opportunities.
  • Identify strategic opportunities or threats.
  • Conduct due diligence or market analyses.

Find out more about the TAB Dashboards app and get a free trial today

  1. Volmaster FX: price and simulate FX derivatives quickly and with confidence

Volmaster product screenshot
Volmaster product screenshot

Developed and supported by Volmaster BV, the Volmaster FX app is an advanced pricing and simulation tool for FX derivatives, including 2nd gen exotics (TARFs, Faders, etc) all consistently and transparently priced in the compliant and academically-backed SLV (stochastic-local vol) model.

  • Price and simulate FX derivatives with the highest compliance and transparency standards.
  • Fast and unbiased discovery of fair prices and bid/ask spreads.
  • Enjoy advanced stripping and solver capabilities.

Find out more about the Volmaster FX app and get a free trial today

We will continue to onboard new partners as we look for ways to meet the unique workflow needs of our users, and also continue our work with Eikon users looking to create their own unique apps within Eikon.

App Studio Navigation
App Studio Navigation

Already an Eikon user? Explore App Studio and trial apps by visiting the App Studio section of the Eikon App Library. Or request a free trial today.

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