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Eikon App Studio: 3 Highlights for June

Paul Artiuch

16 Jun 2017

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Thomson Reuters allows customers and financial data/technology vendors to create integrated, end-to-end solutions via App Studio in Eikon. They can embed their applications, including content and workflows.

We have selected three more apps, out of the dozens on the platform, to demonstrate the breadth of added functionality available to Eikon users.

Learn more about Eikon App Studio

This month we profile SIABookBuilding, FXVolQuant & Trendsetter.

1. SIABookBuilding: managing Equity Capital Markets new issue workflow


Developed and supported by SIA S.p.A, this app is a platform for supporting Equity Capital Markets (ECM) syndicate and equity sales professionals in managing ECM new issue workflow.

SIABookBuilding allows you to optimize your new issue workflow:

  • Real-time order management to share data with joint bookrunners.
  • Define single or multiple tranches and multi-currency deals.
  • Execute multiple deals at the same time, take orders from sales through online order-entry and manage allocations.
  • Use Target Book to analyze expected demand vs. orders, utilizing investor data and profiles in Eikon.

Find out more about the SIABookBuilding app and get a free trial today

2. FXVolQuant: uncover profitable FX options trading opportunities


Developed and supported by, this app is a data-driven insights, analytics and strategy alerts platform for FX and FX derivatives traders.

FXVolQuant systematically monitors dozens of foreign exchange volatility surfaces in real time, delivering powerful pre-trade analytics and actionable data-driven insights to the FX and FX derivatives markets.

  • Isolate asymmetric trading opportunities, attractively priced spreads, vol efficient structuring alternatives and theoretical option mispricings across directional strategies, outright volatility tactics, skew, term-structure, intermarket vols and FX correlations.
  • Customize FX volatility dashboards and generate personalized reports of FX option strategy screens, ranking systems and chart packs.
  • Receive reports on strategy research and high conviction trade ideas as well as real-time, quick burst alerts from our library of quantitative trading signals, relative value monitors and FX strategy trackers.

Find out more about the FXVolQuant app and get a free trial today

3. Trendsetter: access real-time FX commentaries and trading strategies


Developed and supported by Trendsetter FX, this app brings crystal clear real-time strategies on G7, Cross & Asian currencies, backed by concise market analyses and relevant market news.

  • ‘Multi-time’ frame market analysis and trading signals will ‘instantly’ help traders using intra-day, daily, weekly or medium-term time horizons to make appropriate and profitable trading decisions by clicking on a particular time they require.
  • Front page of Trendsetter FX (combining 4 pages of traditional Thomson Reuters output) gives users an instant overview of what is happening in the market together with intra-day and daily analyses plus trading recommendations.
  • Banks, financial institutions and hedge funds which do not want to incur additional cost of hiring professional analysts or traders can use our reliable information for their in-house use or to advise their clients.

Watch video — Thomson Reuters Eikon App Studio: access real-time trading strategies with Trendsetter App

Find out more about the Trendsetter app and get a free trial today

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