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Eikon App Studio: New apps for February

Paul Artiuch

13 Feb 2018

Eikon App Studio can be used to create a broad range of solutions for users. Photography: David W Cerny
Eikon App Studio can be used to create a broad range of solutions for users. Photography: David W Cerny

Eikon App Studio has dozens of great apps to try, including these two for gaining financial insight on U.S. companies and for proactively managing your investment portfolio.

The App Studio in Eikon offers our global community the chance to access apps built by the brightest in financial technology, as well as the chance for customers and financial data/tech vendors to create their own solutions within Eikon.

Our open platform approach means that we combine Eikon’s existing strengths with innovative solutions from leading third-party app developers.

This means that Eikon users are offered more choice of tools and capabilities to meet their business needs.

Eikon App Studio

Learn more about Eikon App Studio

This month we have selected two exciting apps, out of dozens on the platform, to demonstrate the breadth of this added choice and functionality. They are BizQualify and JHC Neon apps.

Watch video — Thomson Reuters Eikon App Studio

BizQualify: Get insight on 12 Million U.S. companies

Developed and supported by BizQualify, this app leverages filings with the IRS and Department of Labor to gather financial insights on over 12 million U.S. private and public companies.

Watch video — Thomson Reuters App Studio: Get Insights on 12 Million U.S. Companies with BizQualify App

For a deeper look into what BizQualify can offer you, watch our deeper dive video with CEO and Co-Founder, Jose M. Plehn-Dujowich

  • Leverages filings that pertain to employee benefit plans.
  • The source filings are audited, cash-based, traceable, and updated monthly.
  • For public companies, see the growth, profitability and credit factors.
  • For private companies, see the core firmographics, growth trends, and credit indicators.
  • Covers 12 million businesses in over 20 million locations.

Find out more about the BizQualify app and get a free trial

JHC Neon: Proactively manage your investment portfolio

Developed and supported by JHC Systems Ltd (JHC), Neon is a digital dashboard for instant portfolio monitoring, risk analysis and suitability checking.

It comes with on-demand portfolio analytics, in-depth risk analysis and monitoring tools for senior management, investment managers and compliance and risk teams.


Get a 360 degree up-to-date view of your portfolio — whether fund or individual client.

This provides better insight and proactive management, which promotes better decision making, compliance and client engagement.

  • Graphically rich portfolio view from single or aggregated source(s).
  • Institutional grade risk analysis on-the-go.
  • Automated portfolio compliance rules/alerts monitoring.

Find out more about the JHC Neon app and get a free trial

Access App Studio
Access App Studio

Meeting your workflow needs

We will continue to onboard new partners as we look for ways to meet the unique workflow needs of our users, and also continue our work with Eikon users looking to create their own unique apps within Eikon.

Already an Eikon user? Explore App Studio and trial apps by visiting the App Studio section of the Eikon App Library. Not an Eikon user? Request a free trial.

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