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Endless Possibility – create custom financial applications in Eikon


Imagine that everything you needed was all in one place. You could spend much more time on doing the work that matters, and less on tracking down answers or managing tasks. Now you can access all that you need to seize and see opportunities, in a single place. The App Studio in Eikon provides this seamless workflow to end users and application providers with the ability to take Eikon’s advanced tools and services even further to create, develop and distribute custom applications and content.

Take a look at the endless possibility provided by the App Studio in some of apps that have been developed in recent months:


Developed by Tradesignal GmbH, Tradesignal Chart provides dynamic technical chart analysis, rule-based trading, backtesting, and flexible forward curves; powered by the Equilla formula language.


CME Rates Futures Analytics

Developed and supported by CME Group Inc for Thomson Reuters Eikon, this app allows you to view the relationship between DSF contract prices and corresponding OTC Spot and Forward Swap contracts – both for USD DSF and Euro DSF products.

CME portal

BBF news Analytics Toolkit

BBF News Analytics Toolkit allows you to determine the quantified market reaction to the release of a macroeconomic indicator. You can use your personal analytics results to support your trading strategy.

News Analysis – BBF News Analytics Toolkit

OTAS Core Summary

Core provides you with Alerts and Flags so you are the first to see opportunities when the risk landscape changes. Take the hard work out of monitoring things like short interest, insider transactions, options and CDS, giving you a complete view of the market that’s accurate and highlights what you need to know.


OTAS Microstructure

OTAS microstructure provides a visual breakdown of live market conditions that makes it easy to see when big moves are about to happen. Each stock’s intraday behavior is individually analyzed, so you can immediately see when price moves and volume, liquidity or spread are unusual.

OTAS microstructure

By connecting you to the right mix of news, data, analytics, markets and professionals, Eikon already lets you optimize your capabilities. With apps like these in our App Studio, we take this even further with our unique financial app development platform. In addition to these third parties, some of the world’s biggest banks have built apps for their own internal use, and to provide to their own client base. App Studio lets you easily integrate specialist applications and content to address any workflow need.

Developing apps in Eikon

Try Eikon free. Want to learn more about developing apps in Eikon? Visit our App Studio page


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