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Thomson Reuters

3 great new Eikon apps for 2017

Paul Artiuch

24 Jan 2017

Employees of the Fintech N26 (Number26), stand on a carpet with the Bitcoin source code printed on it in Berlin
Photographer: Axel Schmidt

Thomson Reuters now allows customers and financial data/technology vendors to embed their applications, including content and work flows, via App Studio in Eikon, creating an integrated end to end solution.

We have selected 3 apps, out of the dozens on the platform, to demonstrate the breadth of added functionality available to Eikon users: City Execution; Everysk Dashboards and FIS Astec.

Learn more about the app studio

1. City Execution: Trading Futures and Options on Futures

Eikon product screengrab

Developed and supported by OptionsCity Software, City Execution allows for trade execution of futures, and options on futures, within Eikon.

  • Access spreads, futures and options, and execute trades within the Eikon platform
  • Lower your cost by eliminating the need for 3rd party execution platforms and additional market data fees
  • City Execution is supported by major global clearing firms

Watch video: Thomson Reuters Eikon App Studio: Futures & Options Trading with City Execution App

Find out more about the City Execution app and get a free trial to the app

2. Everysk Dashboards: Analyze Your Portfolios

Eikon product screengrab

Developed and supported by Everysk Technologies, Everysk Dashboards is an app that transforms portfolios into actionable and detailed insights in seconds.

  • Use templates designed to isolate specific risks and potential upside from: Europe, rates, liquidity and many other important themes for both asset and wealth managers
  • Templates are richly tagged, so that you can quickly find what you need
  • Read side-by-side sentiment news that are hyper relevant to your own portfolio diagnostics
  • Establish the portfolio vulnerabilities and potential upside to make sure risk/rewards are within your bounds. This video introduces the app’s main functionalities and benefits

Watch video: Thomson Reuters Eikon App Studio: Analyze Your Portfolios with Everysk Dashboards App

Sign up to a free trial to the Everysk app, or a free trial to Eikon

3. FIS Astec: Short Interest Data

Eikon product screengrab

Developed and supported by FIS Astec Analytics, the Astec app provides short interest data and analytics to enhance trading decision making, research and analysis.

  • More than 2.5 million trades a day, totalling more than $1.6 trillion outstanding in over 45,000 equities, bonds and ETFs
  • Inventory data from more than 68,000 lender portfolios totals around $10 trillion in availability
  • Volume and fee data, current and historic to show trends and speed of change
  • Analytics such as days to cover and utilization values, helping users identify opportunities and risks
  • Charting and heatmaps for comparative analytics, such as within the industry sector to help identify outliers

Watch video: Thomson Reuters Eikon App Studio: Short Interest Data with FIS Astec App

Find out more about the Astec Short Interest app and get a free trial to the app

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