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3 great Eikon App Studio picks for March

Paul Artiuch

14 Mar 2017

Thomson Reuters Apps. A man walks past a display of hexadecimal code on the Telekom exhibition stand at CeBIT trade fair in Hannover
Photographer: Nigel Treblin

Thomson Reuters allows customers and financial data/technology vendors to create an integrated, end-to-end solution via App Studio in Eikon. They can embed their applications, including content and work flows.

We have selected three apps, out of the dozens on the platform, to demonstrate the breadth of added functionality available to Eikon users.

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They are: Amareos, Seasonax and AlphaShapes.

  1. Amareos: Read, Chart and Understand Sentiment in Global Financial Markets 
Thomson Reuters Apps
Thomson Reuters Eikon Heat Map Countries screen

Find out more about the Amareos app and get a free trial today

Amareos allows you to read, chart and understand the sentiment surrounding global financial markets.

Developed and supported by Amareos Ltd, its global heatmaps and interactive charting tool enables you to quantifiably monitor sentiment derived from approximately two million articles daily, in up to 9,000 underlying and key macroeconomic topics.

This means you can make better, more informed, investment decisions.

Gain a unique market perspective via the 50+ available sentiment/emotion indicators.

View entire asset classes or explore five years of daily data to identify themes quickly.

Financial context provided by complementary fundamental research/tailored news.

Watch Thomson Reuters Eikon App Studio: Understand Market Sentiment with Amareos App

2. Seasonax: Evaluate Seasonal Patterns in any Asset Class

Thomson Reuters Eikon app
Seasonax analytics and charting application

Find out more about the Seasonax app and get a free trial today 

Developed and supported by Seasonax, this analytics and charting application allows financial professionals to easily identify and evaluate seasonal patterns for any asset class.

By applying Dimitri Specks unique seasonality algorithms to Thomson Reuters data, the user gets detailed analysis within seconds.

Benefit from intraday and intrayear seasonal patterns for any given asset class.

Use provided Events Studies with global impacts (e.g FOMC meetings) to recur market reactions.

Make use of in-depth statistics to optimize your portfolio.

Watch Thomson Reuters Eikon App Studio: Evaluate Seasonal Patterns with Seasonax AppWatch

3. AlphaShapes: Compare Relative Values of Stocks for Any Benchmark Index

Thomson Reuters apps
AlphaShapes App

Find out more about the AlphaShapes app and get a free trial today

Developed and supported by RoZetta Technology, AlphaShapes is a dynamic visualisation tool that allows analysts to compare relative values of stocks for any benchmark index.

Instantly visualise your individually created value shapes, ranking up to six selected criteria against peer instruments at any point in time.

Instantly compare over 1,100 pre-loaded criteria for current data sourced across 60 exchanges.

Customize your value shape to provide a view specific to your business needs.

Analyze index changes over an extensive 25-year history.

Watch Thomson Reuters Eikon App Studio: Compare Relative Values of Stocks for Any Benchmark Index with AlphaShapes app

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