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Destination Quant: Where analysts explore the power of data

Steven Carroll

19 Mar 2018

Destination Quant: Where analysts explore the power of data. Photography: Edgar Su
Photography: Edgar Su

The thirst for data in the investment process is never ending, which is why Thomson Reuters has launched Destination Quant to help the quant investing industry get the most out of quant research.

  1. Destination Quant is a new Thomson Reuters website for investment professionals.
  2. The new website has academic research, information on new data sets and catalog of all content sets provided by Thomson Reuters.
  3. The launch comes as the traditional approach to analyzing securities is replaced by a more data intensive process.

The search for alpha: Go to a point in time. Destination Quant

One of the most prominent structural trends impacting the asset management industry involves the changing nature of the investment process.

Now the traditional approach to analyzing securities is much more data intensive.

The degree of this varies from hedge funds and sophisticated asset managers through to specialized boutique asset managers.

But across the industry we’re seeing our customers incorporating more data and more automation into their investment process.

In fact, systematic investing is now in common use to describe a shift by fundamental investors to adopting more quantitative-based methods in their processes.

The search for alpha: Go deep. Destination Quant

Destination Quant: The search for Alpha starts here

Destination Quant benefits

As the industry moves in this direction, the thirst for data to power the investment process further intensifies.

In response to this demand, Thomson Reuters has launched “Destination Quant”, a new website to help analysts explore academic research, industry insights and the data sets available for quant research.

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On this site you will find:

  • Information on new data sets optimized for quant research 
  • New research from academics and other experts
  • A catalog of all data feeds provided by Thomson Reuters for quantitative research
  • Upcoming events and interviews

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Our goal is to help you unearth interesting research or articles, stay aware of our new content initiatives and highlight some of the trends emerging in newer areas around unstructured data or alternative data more broadly.

The search for alpha: Go to a point in time. Destination Quant

Thomson Reuters has supported the quantitative research community for many years (QAI was acquired by Thomson in 2006, StarMine was acquired by Reuters in 2008).

In fact, our content sets power the investment processes at many of the world’s most sophisticated hedge funds and asset management firms.

Destination Quant: Where analysts explore the power of data

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