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Eikon App Studio: 3 Highlights for December

Paul Artiuch

15 Dec 2017

Eikon App Eikon-App-Studio-3-highlights-for-DecemberStudio offers a broad choice of solutions to financial professionals
Eikon App Studio offers a broad choice of solutions to financial professionals

Eikon App Studio opens up endless possibilities for financial professionals. Here are three more great apps from third-party providers that demonstrate the choice and functionality of our platform.

The App Studio in Eikon offers access to the very best in financial technology, as well as the chance for customers and financial data/tech vendors to create their own solutions within Eikon.

Get easy access to trusted news, data, and analytics, all filtered by relevance to your exact needs with Thomson Reuters Eikon

Our open platform approach means that we combine Eikon’s existing strengths with innovative solutions from leading third-party app developers.

As a result, Eikon users are offered more choice of tools and capabilities to meet their business needs.

Watch video — Thomson Reuters Eikon App Studio

This month, we have selected three exciting apps, out of dozens on the platform, to demonstrate the breadth of this added choice and functionality.

Learn more about Eikon App Studio

They are Mango Charts, BLACK and WIZCORP apps.

Mango Charts: See how the major markets moved and why

Watch video — Thomson Reuters Eikon App Studio: See How Major Markets Moved & Why with Mango Charts App

The Mango Charts app displays LiveSquawk’s macro news feed on a live chart with color-coded topics and future calendar events for easy viewing of today’s major moves, key stories and scheduled releases.

  • Powered by LiveSquawk’s live macro news feed
  • Major FX, fixed income, equities, and commodities — futures and indices
  • Easy scrolling, navigation and visualization

Find out more about the Mango Charts app and get a free trial

BLACK: See how short interest and crowded trades affect price action

Developed and supported by S3 Partners, the BLACK app delivers the only real-time and most accurate short interest analytics and identifies crowded long and short trades.

It also provides the only referenceable bid, offer and last trade rates for securities finance.

  • Accurate: Data and Analytics are six times more accurate than the competition
  • Real-Time: Eliminate the two-week delay of receiving Exchange-reported data
  • Comprehensive: Understand bearish bets, price action and conviction levels with one click
  • Global: Solve daily data gaps with real-time short interest for 27,000+ securities worldwide

Find out more about the BLACK app and get a free trial

WIZCORP: Access profiles on over 1.6 million Indian private companies

Developed and supported by Bluevine Technologies, WIZCORP is a one-stop solution that provides access to a database of authentic and up-to-date information on the basic profiles, directors, charges, credit rating and litigations in respect to all 1.6 million+ Indian private companies.

Wizcorp from Thomson Reuters-Eikon-App-Studio-3-highlights-for-December-13-Dec-17
Wizcorp from Thomson Reuters

The app includes detailed financials, shareholding patterns, borrowing patterns and associated companies.

  • One-point access to the universe of more than 1.6 million Indian private companies
  • Unlimited access to detailed information about more than 25,000 credit-rated companies
  • Facilitates users to order detailed information about any Indian company other than credit-rated companies (subject to a prescribed ceiling of 80 companies per month)
  • Advanced search filters to identify your target companies
  • Provides access to PDF reports and financials in Excel sheets in respect of ordered companies

Find out more about the WIZCORP app and get a free trial

We will continue to onboard new partners as we look for ways to meet the unique workflow needs of our users, and also continue our work with Eikon users looking to create their own unique apps within Eikon.

Already an Eikon user? Explore App Studio and trial apps by visiting the App Studio section of the Eikon App Library. Not an Eikon user? Request a free trial.

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