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Thomson Reuters

Our thanks after an award-winning year

Jan-Coos Geesink

18 Jan 2017

Red carpet
Photographer: Regis Duvignau

Awards say a lot, which is why we are grateful to our customers and partners for their support and the recognition of our work in 2016.

As we look back at 2016, it was another year of dramatic change for the financial services industry. Regulations became even more complex, making compliance and regulatory technology a key focus for financial institutions across the globe.

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Amidst this evolving landscape, the industry pulled together to deliver the technology, data, and solutions needed for customers to succeed.

Thomson Reuters achieved some great things, and we want to thank you — our customers and partners — for your overwhelming support, which enabled us to win a number of accolades for our financial markets and risk solutions.

Thomson Reuters was recognized with over 55 prestigious accolades in 2016, including official analyst recognitions, industry rankings and awards.

As many were voted on by you, these honors are a direct testament to your ongoing support.

Download the infographic: Thomson Reuters 2016 Financial & Risk Awards

award infographic

Best data provider

Thomson Reuters prides itself on working with some of the most innovative companies across the globe, and your success is what drives us to continue to meet your evolving needs.

At a time when big data is king, Thomson Reuters content was recognized for helping organizations sift through the noise via its flexible, low latency data feeds.

Thomson Reuters won ‘Best Reference Data’ provider at the Waters Technology Awards, ‘Best Data and Information Provider’ at the CTA US Intelligence Awards, and ‘Best Data Provider to the Sell-Side’ at the Sell-Side Technology awards — just to name a few highlights.

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Top innovator

It was also a notable year for Thomson Reuters FX solutions, which won 17 unique accolades. Key wins included three awards at the FX Week Awards, two wins at the Profit & Loss Readers’ Choice Awards and three category wins at the Global Finance World’s Best FX Providers Awards.

The range of categories from top ‘Innovator in FX’ to ‘Best FX Market Data Platform’ indicate that our solutions cater to the diverse facets of the FX space.

AML leader

Compliance was another top priority for customers and thus a strong focus for Thomson Reuters.

Client demand has shown the need for solutions that not only allow organizations to remain compliant, but to also stay on top of the constantly evolving regulatory landscape.

We were excited to be recognized by industry analysts at Chartis, which named Thomson Reuters as Category Leader for AML and Transaction Monitoring Solutions; Best-of-Breed for Enterprise Fraud Technology Solutions; and Best-of-Breed and Category Leader for KYC and Client On-Boarding Solutions.

Fintech accolades

Driving these awards is the underlying technology that powers these solutions. Thomson Reuters strives to provide customers with highly automated solutions that enable more efficient access to the information they need.

From our top ranking in American Banker’s FinTech Forward, to ‘Technology Provider of the Year’ at the Structured Products Asia Awards, Thomson Reuters technology received global recognition across various client segments.

To Thomson Reuters esteemed partners and clients — it is to you that these honors are owed.

It was a successful year, and we look forward to continuing to meet the varied and diverse needs of  financial and risk clients around the globe in 2017.

To learn more, view the full list of Thomson Reuters 2016 Financial & Risk Awards

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