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Thomson Reuters
Forex Trading

A look to the future…and the past…of Thomson Reuters FX

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For over 150 years Thomson Reuters has been pioneering foreign exchange. As early as 1851 Paul Julius Reuter transmitted stock prices and news via pigeons to connect cities where wires failed.

We helped lay the first transatlantic cable to connect continents in 1858. To this day, GBP/USD is commonly referred to by the FX market as cable. That transatlantic cable laid the groundwork for Reuters to expand its expertise in global currency exchange.

In 1973, Thomson Reuters Dealing revolutionized the transactions community by enabling traders from all parts of the world to seamlessly and effortlessly communicate on a timely basis. Some may call it the first social network. 

Download the white paper – Thomson Reuters history of foreign exchange


Thomson Reuters acquired FXall in 2012, bringing under one banner the industry’s leading sell and buy-side FX transactions communities and the solutions that support more than $350 billion in average daily volume.

Watch this video, Pioneers, to learn more about Thomson Reuters History of FX Innovation

Download the white paper —Thomson Reuters history of foreign exchange

Today, foreign exchange trading has entered a new age. What does the new age of FX look like?

Today our cutting edge platforms support the entire FX trading lifecycle, with superior access to liquidity and tools to understand and make decisions that minimize risk and maximize opportunity.

Now it’s time for a new advancement – one that answers our partners’ vital questions about liquidity access, pricing, and execution costs. The answer is an advanced FX trading platform that delivers the value of our entire FX offering to the global professional FX community.


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