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What can law firms learn from the psychology of change management?

Lucia Sandin

07 Nov 2016

Ahead of our exclusive webinar this week, we take a look at the hot issue of change management. Law firms who wish to future-proof their services are transforming, with no option but to embrace change and innovation in order to stay competitive. It won’t be news to anyone that change across an organisation doesn’t just happen; it needs a strategic approach and buy-in from stakeholders – this has been proven decisively in real-world case studies. How people respond to change can offer insight which will help innovation projects to succeed. The psychology of change management can profoundly impact the success or failure of any new innovative or technical system adoption.

In this white paper, we look at four principles that are vital to the success of any change management strategy. We also hear real-life testimonials from successful change programmes, including the best approach to fee-earner involvement.

Click to download the paper: ‘What can law firms learn from the psychology of change management?’

If you missed the webinar you can check out a recording and contact the speakers: Best practice steps to building a strong internal change culture.

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