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Legal AI now: the growing adoption of legal AI

Richard Tromans

24 Apr 2017

In the latest in our series demystifying, exploring and analysing the impact of artificial intelligence on the legal profession, Richard Tromans looks at the current state of AI adoption. How are law firms adopting AI now, and for what purposes?

There was once an enormous amount of theoretical discussion about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its impending impact upon the law. But, because law firms are actually now making use of legal AI, rather than just talking about it, the debate is moving on to how to actually benefit from this technology and how best to implement it.

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An increasing number of law firms, both large and small, are putting AI systems to use. What is perhaps most critical now is understanding more about the reality of lawyers working hand-in-hand with AI to increase productivity, improve margins and generally become the innovative and efficient providers of legal advice their clients want them to be.

This paper is an overview of some of the experiences of those lawyers who have moved beyond theory and for whom AI adoption is now a fact of life and of practice. Areas covered include:

  • Why adopt AI?
  • Barriers to adopting AI
  • Pricing AI
  • Adoption

Read the full paper for more, including insight from leading global law firms on their experiences so far.

Click here to download AI Now: The growing adoption of Legal AI

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