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Local government: the legal department of the future

Kirsten Maslen

02 May 2017

Lawyers in local government are pragmatic, solution-focused and adaptable. Fortunate, because they face perhaps the greatest challenges of any group of in-house lawyers. On their side, they have the advantage
of scale, are more accustomed to collaborating with peers than their private sector counterparts, and they have a breadth of legal knowledge that should allow them to apply innovations from one practice area in others.

Here we look at their greatest challenges, some solutions to those challenges, and how technology will fit into the changing landscape of local government services. Local government lawyers face a difficult environment, but there are areas where new approaches might relieve the pressure.

This paper looks at the seven key challenges that lawyers in local government face, and the solutions that can help to meet them. We also discuss how the changing technology landscape can help local government lawyers, and future developments that will impact on the practice of law.

Download Local Government: the legal department of the future to find out more about the changes coming to the sector.

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