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Podcast with Stuart Dodds from Baker McKenzie: the rise of pricing directors

In a recent podcast, Stuart Dodds, Director of Global Pricing and Legal Project Management at Baker McKenzie and author of “Smarter Pricing, Smarter Profit”, sat down with the Thomson Reuters Legal Executive Institute to discuss the increasing importance of pricing directors within a law firm and how that role is key to competitiveness and profitability.

Hear from Dodds on how the relatively new role of pricing director has evolved over the past 10 years, and become more prominent. Find out how this new role can change a law firm by helping ‘joint the dots’ and bringing partners, clients and technology together to help fully understand the value of a legal matter for both the firm and the client.

The interview also includes some key insight on the skills required for this new role, such as excellent analytical skills, robust commercial acumen, a strong understanding of how technology can help, and the essential ability to influence change.


Find out more by listening to the full Interview on SoundCloud. 

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