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New White Paper: Emerging Legal Technologies

Baffled by blockchain and bamboozled by predicative analytics? Unsure how something like machine learning can help with the practice of law? If so, we have just the thing for you: a new white paper, 11 Emerging Legal Technologies You Can No Longer Ignore, recently published by the Legal Executive Institute presents an easy to understand, plain English review. It includes the following:

– Artificial Intelligence (AI)
– Big data
– Predictive analytics
– Machine learning
– Blockchain
– Document automation
– Chatbots
– Cloud-based case management
– e-filing
– Crowdfunding
– Intelligent KM

So, if you have taken a slightly ostrich-like approach to legal tech so far, and could do with quick primer, this white paper will help you get up to speed.

As Tom Bangay, author of the report, advises “It’s important for legal practitioners to realise that they have nothing to fear and much to gain from emerging legal technologies. By spotting emerging technologies and how they could fit into your workflow, you can change your practice bit by bit to more efficient, profitable and future-proof.”

You can download the white paper here.

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