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TWLL Advisory Board Profiles

Suki Binjal

30 Jan 2018


Director of Law and Governance, London Borough of Hackney and President of Lawyers in Local Government

Suki Binjal is the current President of LLG with a long standing and impressive history with lawyers in local government. She routinely speaks at events and training sessions and her focus is to champion the role of lawyers in the public sector and to promote positive engagement across the broad spectrum of local authority governance and leadership.

She is an experienced public sector solicitor providing legal and strategic advice to local authorities and other public bodies. She also has experience of developing systems of ethical and good governance and establishing alternative service delivery models.

She is a Consultant and the Director of Belvedere Legal Services, currently working with the London Borough of Hackney as the Interim Director of Legal and Governance.

Her previous roles have included a directorship with the Commission for Racial Equality. She was also a founder member of a Women’s Refuge and also chaired the Portsmouth Equalities forum, as well as holding various Non-Executive Director roles.

She is an external advisor on the policy committee with the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

Suki is passionate about excellent public services and motivated to achieve results by being transparent and inclusive. She champions values that enhance social responsibility and accountability to the public purse.

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