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About the Transforming Women’s Leadership in the Law programme

Thomson Reuters is proud to launch the Transforming Women’s Leadership in the Law programme, in Europe, to do its part in addressing the issues that impede women as they progress in their legal careers.

The goal of our programme is to provide a platform to:

  • Bring together women working in the legal profession to support women achieving positions of leadership in the law
  • Explore why the senior leadership level is not sufficiently diverse and understand what factors are causing the loss of so much female talent
  • Advance the conversation pertaining to the gender pay gap and quotas
  • Inspire organisations to explore, identify and implement solutions to remove structural and organisational obstacles that impede women’s advancement or return to the legal profession after a break
  • Promote male advocacy, since it is vital to have a more diverse, open and varied discussion about how to encourage change

Our programme is sponsored by Lucinda Case, Head of Legal Professionals Europe at Thomson Reuters. Elizabeth Beastrom, Senior Vice President, Global Print at Thomson Reuters, and Neil Sternthal, Managing Director, Global Large Law & Canada at Thomson Reuters are the executive sponsors for our programme, as well as for the founding chapter of Transforming Women’s Leadership in Law in the United States.

Our Transforming Women’s Leadership in the Law chapter has also formed an Advisory Board comprised of senior members from the legal community. Our Advisory Board will meet quarterly to ensure our content is helping to address the legal industry’s most pressing issues regarding the advancement of women.

The programme aims to reposition the conversation away from what ‘women can do’ and put greater onus on organisations, law firms and the wider legal industry. We will share potential solutions for leaders in the legal profession to truly drive change – through a series of events, articles, interviews, and white papers.

Readers of our Transforming Women’s Leadership in the Law page can expect to gain insight into these discussions and learn practical tips on how to truly move the needle on gender inequality and promote urgent change to help more women advance their careers.

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