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Meet the debaters: 60 seconds with Justin Webb

Ahead of Thomson Reuters next Legal Debate on 19 September, we are publishing a series of quickfire Q&As with each of the four debating panellists. At the event, Justin Webb, British Journalist and Radio Presenter, will be arguing against the debate’s motion “quotas are the solution to gender equality in the workplace”.

Ahead of the next week’s Legal Debate, Webb discusses his career path so far, and touches on what organisations can do to improve gender equality.

How did it all start for you, and when did you first become interested in the world of journalism and politics?

I can’t remember not being interested in politics. I always loved writing and my Mum was a Guardian reading Amnesty International/CND/Quaker Peace and Action person, so I grew up with it.

What influences have impacted your career path?

The biggest influence on my career was the decision of Jenny Abramsky, the Today Editor in the mid-1980s, to hire me on a weekly contract  as a Reporter. The other game-changer was going to the USA, though I only went because I had heard it was sunny—my interest in the place came only after living there.

What do you think are the main challenges in tackling gender inequality within the workplace?

The dented confidence of men.

What steps should organisations take to address their gender pay gap?

Find ways of working that encourage women to go for and stay in the top jobs.

The Legal Debate will take place at 17.30 on 19 September, at The Mermaid, Puddle Dock, London, EC4V 3DB. To register for your free place at the event, click here.

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