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The Hearing: Season 2, Episode 20, Dave Rowntree

18 Jan 2019

In episode 20 of Thomson Reuters Legal Europe’s podcast series, The Hearing, host Kevin Poulter speaks to Dave Rowntree, a qualified lawyer, local councillor—and the drummer from one of Britain’s biggest bands, Blur.

Throughout the podcast, Rowntree shares fascinating insights on his life in the band, as well as his passion for law and justice—and his incredible journey to becoming a criminal lawyer.

Listen to the podcast below, or download it on iTunes or Spotify.

The Hearing is a new legal podcast from Thomson Reuters, providing an unprecedented view into the most interesting people and topics in and around the legal profession. Hosted by Kevin Poulter, The Hearing is sometimes serious, sometimes irreverent but always an informative, insightful and entertaining conversation. Find out more here.

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