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The Hearing: Episode 40 – Ann Olivarius

From a young age, Ann Olivarius saw that men ruled the world.

A mother whose potential was left unfulfilled. A male-dominated college where sexual harassment was rife. An investment bank where no amount of talent and expertise could ever make her part of the team. It was a message she received time-and-time-again.

In this week’s podcast, you’ll hear how she turned that message into her motivation to make the world better through the power of law. Our first returning guest, Ann chats to Kevin about her life and storied career, during which she consistently uncovered, called-out and addressed inequality.

Ann talks about coining terms like sexual harassment and date rape, but delves beneath the terminology to discuss the necessity of change, the importance of paying privilege forward and how her ‘scary side’ has driven her to take on the institutions she once trusted.

She also talks about her recent work in the UK, navigating the challenges of our connected world. You’ll hear how Ann combines her influence with an underdog spirit to tackle issues like cyberbullying, cyber rape and regulating the internet.

From Alexander v. Yale (1980) to an innovative new way to help young people take action in response to revenge porn, it’s essential and inspirational listening.

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