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The Hearing: Episode 41 – The Rt Hon. The Lord Darling of Roulanish

In this episode, we talk to Labour MP, Alistair Darling, about how his Aberdeen law degree helped to shape his political career (spoiler alert: lawyers should be lawyers, not politicians). Although Alistair does admit that law is a solid discipline that enables you to ask critical questions, which are useful skills for politicians.

Alistair gives us his thoughts on the deeply divisive nature of referendums, including his take on Brexit and the inherent problems with a hard border.

Alistair talks about the success of his memoir, ‘Back from the Brink’, which spent 1,000 days at number one. He also divulges why he wouldn’t write another book for fear of picking fights.

Now away from frontline politics, we pose the question: would you be quick to return if there were to be another Scottish referendum? His answer may surprise you.

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