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The Hearing: Episode 44 – ‘Judge’ Jules O’Riordan (Sound Advice)

REUTERS/Russell Boyce

It’s the weekend, you’re in Ibiza, you’re ready to party, and a lawyer takes to the stage…

Best. Night. Ever!

Of course, it helps when that lawyer is superstar DJ, ‘Judge’ Jules O’Riordan.

In this episode, Jules sits down with Kevin to talk about how he went from reading law at university, putting on illegal raves with his friends, to being one of the world’s best-known DJs, and now an entertainment lawyer with Sound Advice.

We hear how the combination of getting older and juggling a family life with the exhausting DJ lifestyle, contributed to a career change that has sparked plenty of curiosity among his legal peers. Jules tells Kevin what he loves about practising law and talks about the contrast between being a successful, self-centred artist and a lawyer focused primarily on his clients.

Jules speaks passionately about fighting the good fight, and how that mentality continues to drive his legal career. And he tells of his efforts to pass on his expertise and experience in helping young artists avoid the mistakes and pitfalls that he encountered early in his music career.

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