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The Hearing: Episode 46 – David Winnie (CDS)

It really is a career of two halves for David Winnie, the ex-professional footballer who now heads up the Sport Law department for Charles Douglas Solicitors.

In this week’s episode, David talks to Kevin about his love of football—and studying—from a young age, and his desire to become a professional player. David recalls having to make a big decision when he was 16—and then dreaded telling his mother on the bus home. The journeyman defender went on to win the Scottish Cup and captain St Mirren FC, before plying his trade Iceland and Australia.

David talks about his brief coaching and managerial career in Iceland and Scotland and the pressures placed not just on footballers who live their life under great public scrutiny, but also managers who are only as good as their last game.

As his football career came to a close, David went to university and, after methodically deciding what he didn’t want to study, chose law. He talks about the day-to-day sports law issues that arrive on his desk, whether it be contractual negotiations, tax issues or getting compensation for wantaway footballers. David tells Kevin about recently setting up a sports agency, and how his experiences as a professional footballer help him to empathise with, and occasionally mentor, his clients, particularly when it comes to mental health safeguarding.

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