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The Hearing: Episode 51 – COVID-19: the economic implications for lawyers and law firms

We’re still reeling from the fanfare of our 50th episode last time round and yet here’s some more excitement for you all.

Welcome to the first “The Cross-Examination” episode of The Hearing! We’re taking big issues and taking a long hard look at it through a legal lens.

Where else to start but with COVID-19? Becky Annison, a commercial lawyer and Practical Law Editor, talks to an economist, insolvency practitioner and business leader to look at how Covid-19 is really impacting the legal and business landscape, and works through the implications for the future.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that we’ve transported to a pre-corona Friday night drink with friends: There’s an unusual link to non-lawyer Natalie Portman, a trip to the pub and good old-fashioned football chat.

We hope you enjoy this first ‘The Cross Examination’ episode of The Hearing – let us know your thoughts!


Stephen Allinson, Chairman of the Board, The Insolvency Service

Lucinda Case, Head of Legal Professionals Europe, Thomson Reuters

Alexis Crow, Global Head of Geopolitical Investing Practice, PwC

For more information to help support you and your business, visit the Thomson Reuters COVID-19 resource centre.


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