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The Hearing: Episode 55 – COVID-19: emerging culture and new opportunities for the legal industry

THE CROSS-EXAMINATION – We looked at the business and economic impact of COVID-19 in the first Cross-Examination episode. This week we’re turning to its impact on our working culture.

Becky speaks to an occupational psychologist, diversity consultant and a head of knowledge management, to find out more about how lawyer’s working and personal lives are being affected by lockdown. Interestingly, she learns that many of us have become more efficient, more productive and more caring. But of course, there are exceptions.

She asks how lockdown has changed the way we look at mental health concerns in the profession, whether COVID-19 could derail the diversity and inclusion agenda, and what senior colleagues can do to assist trainees and junior staff at this time.

This is a fascinating discussion that touches on mental health, the disappearing veneer of corporate identities, and the pressing need to better understand all our colleagues regardless of their background or position.


Jens Näsström, Occupational Psychologist & Researcher

Geoffrey Williams, Diversity & Inclusion Consultant

Caroline White-Robinson, Head of Knowledge Management & L&D, Shoosmiths

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