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The Hearing: Episode 62 – Ron Levine (Herrick, Feinstein LLP)

In this week’s episode, we showcase a conversation between Ron Levine, General Counsel at Herrick, Feinstein LLP, and host Joe Raczynski.

Ron, a graduate of Princeton University undergrad and Harvard Law School, speaks as a thoughtful realist, proponent for good, and a practitioner of what he preaches.  He bears witness as a 40-year litigator, discussing the fascinating dealings of what happens behind the class action suit scenes, describing a lack of transparency, and what he would do to improve the system.

Ron dives into the importance of technology as a crusader for others in the field.  Specifically, in the eDiscovery space he stresses the importance of tools, AI, and being smart about of all things, the use of email.  He also discusses what the future of litigation might look like with prediction modelling and big data.

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