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The Hearing: Episode 63 – Climate change and The Chancery Lane Project

THE CROSS-EXAMINATION – On The Hearing, we hear from so many who have entered the legal profession with bold ambitions to change the world for the better. This week’s guests may just do that.

Becky talks to three determined lawyers about their involvement in a legal pro bono project to fight climate change. The Chancery Lane Project brings together legal professionals to create practical solutions to help reverse climate change. Their vision is a world in which every contract and law enables and encourages businesses to have a positive impact on the environment.

They talk through perhaps one of the biggest issues when confronting the climate crisis: its scale. The effects of climate change are incredibly complex and somewhat abstract. Translating that into tangible solutions is a huge challenge that The Chancery Lane Project is addressing through legal hackathons and collaborative problem-solving.


Matthew Gingell, General Counsel, Oxygen House Group

Yasmin Waljee OBE, International Pro Bono Director, Hogan Lovells

Dan Summers, Commercial Lawyer, Environment Agency

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