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The Hearing: Episode 66 – Christina Blacklaws (strategic consultant and the 174th president of the Law Society)

Star Trek gave us prototype mobile phones. In Back To The Future, Doc Brown and Marty McFly predicted voice recognition technology. And, as this episode discusses, it was Minority Report in 2002 that foresaw predictive policing.

This week, Yasmin Sheikh speaks with Christina Blacklaws – a strategic consultant and the 174th president of the Law Society. Christina is also an expert on legal technology and chair of the Ministry of Justice’s LawTech Delivery Panel. She describes the transformation happening in the legal sector and how computer algorithms are already being used in profound ways that impact our justice system.

Legal tech aside, Christina and Yasmin discuss how a majority of women entering the profession becomes a minority of leaders, and the work being done to address this. They also examine how COVID-19’s impact has made technology, flexible working and mental wellness even better companions.

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