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The Hearing: Episode 71 – COVID-19 vaccines: will they unite or divide us?

THE CROSS-EXAMINATION – The rollout of COVID-19 vaccines is giving many of us hope right now. But are vaccines about become the next divisive issue to affect our professional and personal lives?

Companies might well see vaccines as the golden ticket to getting staff back to a normal working environment, or indeed back to work full stop. But what happens when employees choose not to receive the vaccine, or refuse to disclose their vaccination status?

In this episode, Becky talks to Joe Nicholls, from Wards Solicitors, and GoodCorporation’s Debbie Ramsay about this new wave of legal and ethical issues that businesses, and society as a whole, must grapple with.


Debbie Ramsay, Director, GoodCorporation

Joe Nicholls, Partner & Head of Employment, Wards Solicitors

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