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The Hearing: Episode 75 – Andrew Fletcher (Thomson Reuters Labs)

Joseph Raczynski

20 Apr 2021

To those listening in the future, the level of excitement about our brief Easter hiatus to see friends and family might seem strange. But, future listener, these are strange times indeed. We don’t even have hoverboards yet. Our future podcast friends might also find it strange that we’re still discussing whether lawyers actually need artificial intelligence.

Joe Raczynski’s guest this week is Andrew Fletcher, Director at Thomson Reuters Labs. Andrew points out that the trust we place in our lawyers will soon begin to assume their ability to tap into a knowledge base far wider than can ever be gleaned from books. Lawyers will need AI and legal tech to tap into this information, interpret it and then join the dots on behalf of their clients.

Andrew speaks with Joe about how Thomson Reuters Labs is taking curation of big data to the next level, how to make sure an AI can be trusted, and the kinds of innovations that are just around the corner. Spoiler: there’s still no sign of robot lawyers, but we do have a Joe-Bot.

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