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The Hearing: Episode 76 – Laura Bates (Everyday Sexism Project)

Yasmin Sheikh’s guest this week hardly needs an introduction – we’re speaking to feminist icon Laura Bates. Laura is the founder of The Everyday Sexism Project, a catalogue of day-to-day instances of sexism and gender inequality.

Laura talks us through the events that led to her setting up the project – events that were so everyday, so commonplace, that she almost didn’t notice. On her website, Laura describes these types of incidents as “so-used-to-it-you-almost-just-accept-it sexism”. But, as she explains to Yasmin, she couldn’t just accept it – and so one of the greatest feminists of our time got going!

Yasmin talks to Laura about her work with the legal industry – an industry that often doesn’t think it has a problem with sexism; that doesn’t believe harassment and inequality can happen to lawyers. They also discuss her new book, Men Who Hate Women – a shocking exploration of extreme misogyny.

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