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Youth Perspective: Sustainable Innovation for the World, The Barron Prize

This brief overview is part of Sustainable Innovation for the World, a series produced by Thomson Reuters Sustainability on innovation, either scientific or social, which could help make the world more sustainable.


Each year, the Gloria Barron Prize for Young Heroes honors twenty-five outstanding young leaders ages 8 to 18 from all across America who have made a significant positive difference to people and our planet. The top fifteen winners each receive $5,000 to support their service work or higher education. For more information visit

Here are some of the great things the recent honorees have accomplished:


Casey Sokolovic, age 16, of North Carolina is the founder of L.A.S.T. (Love A Sea Turtle), raising over $370,000 for sea turtle protection and educating thousands about the need to protect the planet. She has baked and sold more than 10,000 turtle-shaped sugar cookies and donated the profits to the sea turtle rescue center. She also made presentations to school and scout troops about the importance of protecting sea turtles.


Barron Prize 2014 _Jonathan Ferrer

Jonathan Ferrer, age 18, of New York advocates for environmental and climate justice in his low-income neighborhood that is sandwiched between power plants and former industrial sites. He was also the lead organizer New York City Climate Justice Youth Summit.


Barron Prize 2014 _KiranSridhar1

Kiran Sridhar, age 16, of California created Waste No Food, a free web-based service that links food donors with charities that feed the hungry. He has redistributed food to serve 100,000 meals and has kept thousands of pounds of food out of landfills.


Barron Prize 2014 AbbyGoldberg with a sea lion in the Galapagos Islands

Abby Goldberg, age 15, of Illinois gathered a record-breaking 175,000 signatures on to convince the governor of her state to veto a bill that would have prevented any town in Illinois from banning plastic bags. She has worked for nearly three years on a reusable shopping bag campaign, and on educating the public about the dangers of plastic to our environment.


Barron Prize 2014 Anna Ramsey and Finn McFarland

Finn McFarland and Anna Ramsey, age 18, of Vermont built a community root cellar in their hometown and created a Grow Some, Feed Many gardening initiative in order to store and deliver fresh local produce to their town’s food bank year-round.

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