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EXECUTIVE PERSPECTIVE: New Documentary Showcases the Promise Of Solar Energy

Todd Reubold

31 Mar 2016

What do an unemployed American worker, a Tea Party activist and a Chinese entrepreneur have in common? They’re all part of a new documentary film highlighting the growth of solar energy around the world.

Directed by award-winning filmmaker Shalini Kantayya and featuring stories from the U.S. and China, “Catching the Sun” focuses on the global race to lead the clean energy future.

According to a report late last year from the International Energy Agency, new renewable energy installations are predicted to outpace those for fossil fuels and nuclear globally over the next few years.

Some experts are even going so far as to predict that by 2050 solar photovoltaic and solar thermal combined could generate up to 27 percent of the world’s electricity. View Ensia homepage

Please link here for more on Ensia.

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