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Youth Perspective: Calder High School Writing Competition – Conor Callaghan

Calder High School

15 Aug 2017

This is part of a green writing competition Thomson Reuters held with Calder High School in Yorkshire, UK. Here is Conor Callaghan’s fictional story about a woman who wanted everyone to take action to prevent flooding.

Conor Callaghan – 3rd Prize, Year 7, 2017 – I Told You So

Once upon a time, there was an old lady that was really sad because the flood defenses were breaking and the river was rising. So the old lady walked up to the town builders and shouted,

“Why are you not doing anything about the river rising and the flood defenses breaking?” “We don’t have to do anything about it,”

explained the builders as they were eating donuts.


shouted the old lady in exasperation as she was stomping off.

The next day at the break of dawn, the old lady walked slowly like a slug to the engineers, but they said

“HUH we are too busy doing our job so go away!” “Have you seen the flood defenses??!” “They’re fine,”

one engineer said while slamming the door, so again she stamped off.

She went to so many people, but they made excuses, like I’m busy or leave me alone. The next day the lady heard a giant roar louder than a lion. She took a look out of her window and saw the lake destroying the town. She screamed at the top of her lungs and screamed,

“We should have worked together!”

She ran up to everybody she could find and said we need to make more flood defenses. Suddenly everybody sprang up and started to build defenses and it started to work but the water went too high. It started to flood. Everybody was screaming. But the sun came out and the lady shouted, “It is always better if we work together.

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