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Youth Perspective: Calder High School Writing Competition – Jude Booth

Calder High School

16 Aug 2017

This is part of a green writing competition Thomson Reuters held with Calder High School in Yorkshire, UK. Here is Jude Booth’s creative real estate advertisement for planet Earth. 

Jude Booth – First Prize, Year 8 – Planet Earth, Only £7,398,734,2954

Planet Earth is a beautiful abandoned property which is waiting for you. There are many features which need to be restored to their original condition.

Also thanks to the extinction of humans, no-one will bother you whilst you are living here. It has a peaceful environment and is in a remote area. If you decide to start a family here, don’t worry. Thanks to deforestation, there is space to build whatever you want.

If you are not a people person, don’t worry. Global warming killed all the humans. This planet has some of the best sceneries and the best holiday vacations.

Like no other planet in our solar system, planet Earth provides you with good sceneries which are waiting for you to explore.

Thanks to world wars there are many battlegrounds, which provide you with lots of history on human life.

If you have allergies to animals, Earth is better than ever. Thanks to hunting and pollution, all animals are dead.

Click here to see original piece.

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